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Water Tower Lighting Installations

Drumchapel, Glasgow


Completed 1999 & 2003


Value £56 -72k


Drumchapel Opportunities / Craigend and Garthamlock Community Planning Group / Cranhill Water Tower Committee / Glasgow 1999




2003 Scottish Design Award

2002 Civic Trust Award

2002 Scottish Design Award

2000 National Lighting Design Award

1999 Glasgow Institute of Architects
Award / People's Choice Award

Due to their elevated locations, these water towers in the east end of Glasgow have always had the capacity to become prominent beacons and landmarks after dark.

The water towers are clearly visible on the final approach into Glasgow airport and are recognised by passing pilots and passengers as landmarks. This high visibility from a distance has been supplemented by a lighting design which provides increased good quality lighting beneath and around the towers, which also brings benefits to the residents of the local communities that are situated around the water towers.

It was of great importance to transform these inanimate functional objects into symbols of the regeneration of Drumchapel, Garthamlock and Cranhill, in order to instill a sense of owneship and pride amongst the local residents of these disadvantaged areas of Glasgow. The designs combined the use of a strong white light in the re-glazed lantern on the top of the tower, visible from afar while intelligent programmed lighting allow colours to rotate around the face of the tank, continually changing the appearance from near and far. High quality white light to the underside and stair tower provides a strong contrast to the coloured tank and washing onto the immediate landscape improves security.

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