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Strathclyde Country Park Study

North Lanarkshire


RIBA Stage 1


North Lanarkshire Council

Starthckyde Country Parks landscape was formed for centuries by Clyde, Calder and Avon. After that, we became  involved as Hamilton, Orbiston and Motherwell began to shape and  populate this landscape.

Visionary projects were proposed by Owen (New Utopia) and other parts of the landscape became famous for, the grandest of landscape gardens, the industries of a revolution and, more recently, the pursuit for gold,  silver and bronze at international championships.

Now, this landscape, shaped by this history, sits at the epicentre of  several Scottish landscapes, routes and communities. Now we sit with an  opportunity to tie these together, shaping the landscape as an  innovative, energetic and green environment, and in turn, create a
unique place to live, learn, work, invest and visit.

Collective Architecture alongside Lateral North created a future vision of Strathclyde Country Park. The proposal highlights key architectural, infrastructural and digital strategies which we believe can make Strathclyde Country Park an international destination, but most importantly a valuable resource to the communities which occupy it on a daily basis, and the wider Scottish community.

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