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Mansfield Place

Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Mansfield Place
Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Completed September 2008

Fyne Homes

Value £2.2m

Fyne Homes commissioned Collective Architecture to design new housing for the people of Rothesay on a vacant site in Mansefield Place. The proposal consists of a 2 and 3 storey building, including ground floor wheelchair flats, which follows the footprint of the recently demolished tenements. All properties have private gardens to the front and rear and benefit from a good southerly aspect. Private parking is also accommodated. A key feature of the building is the two-storey mansard roof with bay windows angled towards the scenic views. This building form is designed to echo the previous buildings on the site. The streets will be tree lined, similar to a boulevard and planting chosen to compliment the local area.

Materials- We are working closely with local brick manufacturers to reclaim brick seconds. Brick seconds are excess, end-of-line stock which make up approximately one tenth of all brick output but cannot be retailed as “new” due to slight colour variation. A mix of four palettes (wire cut, smooth, rustic and sand faced) will be assembled in random patterns by the brick layers on site.

Insulation- The wall insulation is manufactured by Superglass who aim to use 80 percent recycled material in their products.

Heating- A “heat recovery from exhaust air” system is proposed for heating and hot water. It reclaims ambient heat from lighting, domestic appliances, people and the heating system in return. Insulation levels are increased to minimise heat loss. Controlled ventilation improves air movement and creates healthier homes. The rooms are stacked vertically over 3 storeys to promote heat circulation, reduce the length of ducting and maximise the overall efficiency of the system.

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