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Berkeley Street


Berkeley Street

Completed August 2000

Cube Housing Association

Value £1.15m

Scottish Government

2002 Civic Trust Award
Chairman's Award

2000 Glasgow Institute of Architects
Award / People's Choice Award

The site, on the corner of Granville Street and Berkeley Street, diagonally opposite the Mitchell Library, reinstates the mass of a previous Victorian bookend within the Park Circus conservation area.

First Stage winner in the Lifetime Homes category of Scottish Homes HAG competition, through the consideration of achieving economic barrier free access in a four storey tenement context. The building, constructed from a five storey timber kit construction is super insulated to achieve a U-value of 0.18 W/m sq K. Heating for the entire block is from one domestic sized condensing gas boiler. EDAS have calculated that the space heating for a typical flat is as little as £18.00 per annum.

The site is extermely tight with the result that the roof has been used as amenity space and drying area, the lift carries full height to allow disabled access to the roof garden. The consideration of use of the building by the disabled has been emphasised by the work of artists Deborah and Allistair Kell who through working with Kelvin School for the Partially Blind have produced a number of artworks incorporated into the fabric of the building. The strength of this building is that it truly tackles ecological housing in an urban context.


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