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Art Nouveau Exhibition

Travelling exhibition

Art Nouveau
Travelling exhibition

Completed 2003 - 2006

The Lighthouse

Value £93k

The Lighthouse

Our response to the brief was to produce a series of delicately illustrated graphics, texts and objects inside simple packaging, which become free standing elements within the exhibition.

The format pays homage to the Art Nouveau movement, combining beauty in the delicate detailing and craftsmanship of the contents, and placement in high quality, contemporary and utilitarian exterior packaging, whilst also reflecting the quality and uniformity of mass production.

Variations in the final format of each area of the exhibition encouraged the visitor to engage and interact with the content, the form of every section of the exhibition was driven by its content and function.

The exhibition was designed to be installed and demounted in less than one day, and did not require storage, re-purchase or the disposal of packaging, as every component of the exhibition is utilised in the installation. The exhibition was designed to age positively during its life and journey, as it travelled across Europe it will develop a ‘lived in’ appearance and feeling, similar to a luggage trunk of the period displaying on its outer carcass, the destinations visited which included;

Terassa, Bruxelles, Varese, Barcelona, Nancy, Glasgow, Helsinki, Riga, Wien, Budapest, Ljubliana and Avignon, from 2003 through to 2006.

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